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spectacle with balafon

Dha gue na - Balafon
Spectacle Touraman

In 1988 he co-founded the African percussion group Dha Gue Na. The group has over 30 years of experience and has performed hundreds of concerts and events.

In 2018 the group takes a more melodic orientation with the kora, the flute, the balafon which complete the percussion game. Dha Gue Na revisits songs from the Mandingo tradition in his own way.

The company also offers an interactive show for young audiences with two balafons and percussions:


“Touraman and the magic book”, original show including drawings, music, songs and stories.man” jeune garçon africain, reste ouvert à toutes les générations

All about Philippe Brun

Méthode Philippe Brun

Philippe Brun studied at the CIM jazz school and at the Agostini school in Paris at a higher level. After studying drums he founded his own school, “the percussion center”, wrote a dozen methods on percussion (Edition Combre. Paris) and collaborated with “Batteur Magazine”. Philippe worked on the tablas (with Shyamal Maitra), the piano, the djembe, the dundums and of course the balafon. Today he wants to share his passion and pass on his knowledge to people who want to practice the balafon.

« Philippe Brun, musicien, pédagogue, humaniste, batteur et percussionniste passionné est un personnage à la fois original, modeste et attachant »

Alain Bouchaux

Professeur de percussion, conservatoire de paris


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