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With Philippe Brun

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Balafon Sheet Music

Work on the balafon lessons with the scores written by Philippe Brun


Balafon Lesson

Learn to play the must-have balafon songs with video lessons!

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Free Videos

Several free videos are available!

My English-speaking friends

Balafon lesson

I want to clarify that if you want to buy the videos you can. The vast majority of the time Philippe Brun gives a real balafon lesson without speaking, the language will therefore not be a problem and you will be able to learn the songs without problems.

Contact us

If you wish to contact us by email even in English —>, we will be very happy to help you and share our passion for balafon across borders!


About Philippe

Trained in Africa and Europe on percussion with Famoudou Konaté, Mamady Keita, Koungbanan Condé, Adama Dramé and on the balafon with Sorel Diabaté and Sory Diabaté.

Author of several educational methods on percussion:

– “African Bada” Ed Combre Paris

– “Namasté” Ed Combre

– “Mozaique” Ed Combre

– “Exercise book 1 & 2” Ed Combre

Co-founded the company Dha Gue Na, African music, with several hundred concerts to his credit.

Kaira + Diarabi + Sorsornet

Three must-have pieces with a balafon! With each piece the theme, rhythms, variations and scores written by Philippe Brun!

prix : 45€

Méthode Philippe Brun

Balafon stage !

Philippe Brun offers balafon courses over one or more days. The program of the songs will be chosen with the organizer according to his needs and the level of the students. All the rhythms, themes and songs taught will be transcribed on sheet music. We have the possibility of providing several balafons to participants.

– Balafon course over one or more days.

– Stage + concert Dha Gue Na. Possibility of playing the trainees in the first part.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the email address:

Customer reviews

"After desperately looking for a teacher from home, I (certainly like you) decided to learn the balafon alone using videos found on the internet. Unfortunately, these videos, often played by virtuoso African balafonists, are not really suitable for people who are starting the instrument (too high speed, too complex rhythm, video more demonstrative than educational, ...). And then in early January, I came across Philippe Brun's site. And there, oh miracle, I finally found what I was looking for: • clear and educational videos • rhythms that sound good • rhythms simple enough not to have (too) a headache • enough rhythms to allow you to hold a whole song when you play with others.   And in addition, Philippe is passionate about the instrument and it shows.   Therefore you’ll understand, go ahead with your eyes closed. "
Sylvain BLANCHARD (Chalon Sur Saone)
Client ayant acheté les 6 morceaux

"If you came across this site, you are really lucky.

Between the fact of:

- find a teacher (you have to do a few kilometers ..)

- that he is an educator,

- that he would like to share a complete piece that he struggled to learn (often you will learn accompaniment and you will wait the following year to learn the second)

So bunch of little guys you will avoid all these annoyances in one click; I'm jealous .

Of course what I clicked and it's great. And if you don't have too much network in your campaign (as it was ... Benjamin finds a solution) ...

Maybe more in an internship ... ".

Roland Vernet (Bergerac)
Client ayant acheté 3 morceaux